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This site is presently in Preview. It is still in development, and although everything should work as intended, the site is still being upgraded and not everything is perfect. Specifically, some of the items in the privacy policy, despite our best intentions, might not actually happen as intended. We are actively monitoring for this and will correct issues as they crop up. Aside from that...

Privacy is a major driving force on this site. Although ePlays is designed to facilitate sharing of information between members who have agreed to do so (such as by auditioning for a show), members control how much information is shared, and to whom. In some cases (such as the calendar, and the role of minions and parent groups), the visibility and sharing relationships can appear complex. However it is designed to make sense in the context of the production, coordination, and marketing of a show you participate in. Our focus is on protecting your private information while allowing you to share it with other cast and crew members of these shows. We act as stewards of your personal information, not as owners. However, although this main thrust will remain the same, the details may change because the issue is complex. You acknowledge that we may change the rules, and that you will be bound by the new rules as they are developed.

When you sign up for an account on ePlays, you enter into this contract with us, and you also enter into this contract with each and every other ePlays member. The primary purpose of these contracts is to ensure that your private information is not abused, and that you do not abuse the private information of any other ePlays member.

This site is not for children. Children may not create accounts on this site. However, the parents or legal guardian of a child who is involved in a production may create a separate profile under their own account on the child's behalf. That parent or guardian shall be responsible for the child's profile. Special note: For purposes of this document, the personal information of a child that has been placed there by a parent or guardian who owns the account is considered to belong to the (adult) account owner.

We are hosted by RimuHosting, and are subject to their rules. You are too. To the best of our knowledge, their rules are compatible with ours.

Data collection

ePlays collects personally identifiable information in the following ways:

ePlays does not do any of the following

What ePlays does do

ePlays may use personally identifiable information in the following ways, most of which pertain to the basic functioning of the site: ePlays provides tools with which you may limit or extend the sharing of the information you have supplied.

Terms and Conditions [^]

Your obligations to ePlays and to other ePlays members


As an ePlays member,


Author profiles allow a member to upload files such as audio recordings of readings of these plays so that others may download and listen to them, and perhaps consider mounting a full production in their own theater. This is the one of the primary purposes of the site.


A minion is an ePlays member who has been entrusted by another member to edit areas belonging to the granting member. The minion is granted nearly complete access to the granting member's tools for the area in question. Minionship is a position of great responsibility, and should be granted and accepted with care.

Fan Clubs

Certain account types come with the ability to activate a fan club. This is a set of ePlays members with whom you share additional information and/or access (such as calendar events, contact information, or access to files in your library). Fan clubs are closed (inactive) by default. If you activate the fan club associated with an area over which you have control, other ePlays members whom you have allowed in will have access to the information you have designated for this fan club. That is its purpose. You control the membership of this fan club and the information you share with it, and you may close it at any time.

If you join a fan club, some of your personal information may be shared with that club and/or its membership.


Certain account types come with the ability to create short announcements, such as for marketing a show you are in, which will be visible to members of your fan club. These announcements will be compiled into a personalized newsletter using the preferences of each individual member. Members may elect to receive their personalized newsletter by Email rather than waiting to visit the ePlays site.