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ePlays plays (and their authors)

Play titleAbbrGenreLengthAuthor
Available for production
A Series of ArgumentsASoAdrama1:00 Timothy M. Gadomski
Bedsheet BrigadeBBdrama0:05 Timothy M. Gadomski
CassandraCasstragedy1:50 Paul E. Doniger CT
Free WillFWcomedy0:10 Timothy M. Gadomski
HELLBENT End of the World TourHLLBNTcomedy0:45 Timothy M. Gadomski , with Nick Perez
Hamovich A Shakespearean RomanceHamovidrama3:00 Timothy M. Gadomski
Harmony LakeHLtragedy0:15 Timothy M. Gadomski
IndulgenceIndulgother0:10 Timothy M. Gadomski
Last WritesLWcomedy0:05 Timothy M. Gadomski
Listening to the NeighborsListendrama0:10 Timothy M. Gadomski
MIKE, SAUL AND THE PIGEONSM S Pfarce0:14 William P Duffy (Bill), with None.
MasksMasksother2:00 Paul E. Doniger CT
Ny Qymguri A Sinister Virtual StoryNQmystery0:05 Timothy M. Gadomski
Passive ResistancePRother0:40 Paul E. Doniger CT
The Harsh Reality of Dating a PoetHarshother0:25 Timothy M. Gadomski , with Zach Fontanez
The Misery Theatre GuildTMTGmystery0:10 Timothy M. Gadomski
Ubu, The ConquerorUTCsatire1:40 Paul E. Doniger CT
What The DickensWTD!drama0:45 Paul E. Doniger CT
Wolfe v. ReddingWvRdrama0:15 Timothy M. Gadomski
You're a CommodityYACsatire0:07 Jose F. Helu Jr.
Just completed
Am I Being HazedAIBHsatire0:08 Jose F. Helu Jr.
I Remember Palm PilotsIRPPdrama0:06 Jose F. Helu Jr.
That's your line, thoughTYLTcomedy0:06 Jose F. Helu Jr.
Who is this guy in the glasses anyhowWGGsatire0:06 Jose F. Helu Jr.