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Performer profile: Jose F. Helu Jr.

(image: headshot supplied by  Jose F. Helu Jr.)


While still in school studying science, Jose sang and danced in the chorus of the school musicals. While this might not have been the best thing for the audience, it did get him started in theater, and when the script of the Hollywood film Meteor fell into his hands, he decided to try his hands in the cinema, writing and directing a spoof called Asteroid in which bungling scientists try to deflect a guess-what that's heading straight for the Earth. Whether this was a disaster film or a film disaster is still the topic of literary debate.

Returning East he discovered Community Access television, and produced a number of shows including an aptly named one called Coast to Coast, which linked New York and California together by telephone in a shared interview format, as if by satellite. Upon moving to Ridgefield he eventually discovered the Ridgefield Theater Barn, where he did a lot of backstage work. Returning to the spotlight, he played Milton in Myles Gansfried's Milton and the Minotaur, and secured the title role in Lucky Stiff. Other theaters he's worked with include the Pound Ridge Theatre Company and the Town Players of Newtown.

In his spare time, Jose writes music and plays, develops web sites (such as this one), and flies all the time. Sometimes he uses an airplane. His wife, a clay artist, is fulfilling her dream of "just living in the country and making pots".

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As a musician...

Musical styles

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hammer dulcimer


Tenor - principal range: B3 to E4
extended range: G2 to B5

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Israeli and international folk
Square and Contra

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