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The online theater nexus

Private and secure collaboration management.
Making it easy for others to make it easy for you. provides a complete logistics platform to coordinate productions from conception to cast party. These tools are layered and integrated so that a show's changing impact on other shows and events at the venue is clear to all involved.

  • Show members gain access to these tools as soon as they are assigned a role.
  • Critical production information is easily available to all who need it...
    • no matter where they are,
    • which meetings they missed,
    • or which notebook they can't find.
  • Editable calendar templates instantly create complete rehearsal schedules online...
    • including production deadlines and publicity events.
    • Appointments are editable en masse or individually.
    • Each show's calendar displays related events to avoid conflicts.
  • Interactive proptume (prop and costume) list avoids long production meetings.
  • All tools are interactive, to serve as dynamic coordination tools.
  • Edit history is visible to all participants, keeping everyone accountable.
  • Everyone stays on the same page.
Theater is collaborative. makes it easy.