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Your own virtual playwriting workshop.
Making it easy for others to make it easy for you.

As an author, playwright, or librettist, gives you a complete virtual workshop for your dramatic works. Audio is the secret sauce.

Plays in development:

  • Upload private audio recordings of your works in progress.
  • Invite your selected audience to virtual play readings in their home or car.
  • Receive private feedback to help you develop your work.
  • Share some of this feedback on the message boards to generate fruitful discussion.
  • Update your recordings as your play develops.

Plays ready for production:

  • Share your Play page with venues looking for new work.
  • Their play committee listens to your final audio recording.
  • Add your script to the file library.
  • Upload other relevant files (SFX, images) to make it easy to produce.
  • Celebrate Opening Night!
Your separate Author Profile serves as the gateway to your Play pages, and features your bio, picture, and contact information.
Theater is collaborative. makes it easy.