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Only adults may create accounts. Parents or legal guardians may create profiles in their account for their minor children.


Profiles are the main method of interacting with Initiate profiles for the most common cases here. Create profiles for other cases (such as minor children) later, from your ACCOUNT page.

Creating a profile allows access to certain features of, and implies agreement with the appropriate terms of service for that profile. Profiles (and the individual elements that comprise them) can be set up with varying degrees of privacy, and this can be changed by visiting the profile page when you are logged in.

The author profile linked to your account is the key to your file library. Once registration is complete, you can add a headshot and bio to this profile, and create pages for your original plays, that will hold your uploaded files. By creating an author profile, you agree to the terms and conditions which apply to authors, in particular that you own or control the rights to all files uploaded, and that you are the author of plays represented here.

The performer profile linked to your account is your key to participating in shows on ePlays and acts as your resume when auditioning for shows or signing up for crew positions. It will be linked to shows you are selected for. Once registration is complete, you can then add a photo, contact info, credits, and other information normally requested at an audition.

Children may not create accounts on, but parents of minor children may create profiles for their children under the parent's account. Create those profiles from your ACCOUNT page after registration. In compliance with COPPA child protection laws, parents retain control over the child's profile.

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more about profiles:[[=]]

* For Authors (playwrights, screenwriters) (Author TOS)
My Author profile should be visible to:
* For Performers (including backstage crew and administrative staff)
My Performer profile should be visible to:

This information is never revealed, never shared, and never used for marketing. It is used only by ePlays for its own internal purposes (such as login), and to contact you should it become necessary.

Very important: Only use an email address at which you directly receive email. Do not use an email address that gets forwarded (to a different address), because that destination's mail server may consider the email to be forged, and silently reject it.

Passwords (or passphrases) may be up to 64 characters long, and may use any characters.

Passwords (or passphrases) may use any characters that can be entered at the keyboard, including spaces, accented characters, and punctuation. They may be up to 64 characters long, and you are strongly encouraged to make use of this length and diversity. (Keep in mind that some characters may be difficult to enter on a mobile device.) Do not use this password for any other site.

People are not as random as they think they are. For your convenience (and without endorsement or guarantee) the following links offer to create random passwords for you, on your own machine (in most browsers, right-click to open in a separate tab or window):
random words (inspired by this xkcd comic)
random characters
There are many such sites on the internet if these don't appeal to you. At the time I created the link, these passwords were being generated on your local machine. To ensure this, you can disconnect from the net while generating the password. (Many browsers have an icon in the lower right for this purpose.) Come up with a little story that helps you remember your password - this is probably easier with the random words site. But for gosh sakes, don't even think of using any of the thousand most common passwords - for any of your sites!

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