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To interpret the symbols:


The following symbols were chosen (as opposed to little pictures or unicode symbols) to ensure maximum compatibility, not only for older browsers and smaller tablets and cell phones, but also for those who do not have images enabled. For browsers that support this feature, hovering over a symbol (or link) will reveal more information about what it does. (This won't work in this list, because the links are fake.)

[[=]][[=]]display information in a scriptless popup box
[->][->]display a popup on its own page (use if your browser does not support scriptless popups)
[+][+]create new item of this type
[ / ][ / ]edit this item
[X][X]delete this item
[x][x]delete this item
[v][v]scroll down to indicated section
[^][^]scroll up to indicated section (or top of page)
[ABC][ABC]go to fallback page to view appointment (all browsers)
[[=]][[=]]reveal appointment item in a scriptless popup box (supported browsers only)
[&][&]reveal appointment comment (supported browsers only)
[%][%]reveal appointment clerical info (supported browsers only)
[++][++]create repeating appointments (same month)
[+|+][+|+]create repeating appointments (every month)
[+=][+=]create appointments from list

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orient myself?

do the basics?

use special features?

interact with a show or event?

empower assistants?

use advanced calendar features?

manage an author area?

manage a show or event?

set up a theater?