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To create a profile:

  • Click MY ACCOUNT in the main menu. Click MY ACCOUNT in the main menu.
  • Click on the [+] to create performer page. Click on the [+] to create performer page.
  • If you already have a performer page, click the link to edit it. If you already have a performer page, click the link to edit it.


An Author or Performer profile is your identity on ePlays, and key to participating in most activities.

An Author profile serves as your identity as a playwright, and is primarily used (through your Play pages) as a gateway to your file library. This is where you upload scripts and audio recordings of plays you have written, to share them with venues that might be interested in producing them, or to workshop them with members of your club.

A Performer profile gives theaters the information they need in order to use you in their productions or cast you in a show. Your Performer profile is your online acting and tech resume, and the information it holds is displayed in other appropriate parts of the service: when casting a show, headshots are displayed to staff on their role assignment page along with a link to your profile, contact information is used to automatically create and maintain the cast/crew contact sheet, and costume size information is made available to show staff on the proptume page.

Normally a member will have just one Performer profile, for themselves. However, an account owner who is a parent of minor children who are involved in productions should set up separate profiles for each of their children, under the parent's account. Before doing so, you will need to raise your limit on accounts by clicking the (enable additional performer profiles) link and choosing a new limit. You will then be permitted to add additional profiles for your children, with their own names.

Both kinds of profiles enable you to create a club; you can then grant members of this club access to certain aspects of your profile (such as the calendar or file library).

When creating either profile, you will need to set its visibility.

  • "Published" means visible to the world, including search engines.
  • "Visible" means visible to logged-in ePlays members.
  • "Restricted" means visible only to cast, crew, and staff of shows you audition for or participate in, and of the venue mounting the show.
  • "Hidden" means visible only to you (and your minions).
  • "Do not create" skips the creation of that particular kind of profile. Select this if that kind of profile is inapplicable, or if you wish to come back later to create it.

Most members creating a profile should choose "Visible".

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