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Author profile: William P Duffy (Bill)

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A couple of years ago.


In all my writing I want to champion those "others" who through no fault of their own are born “out of the box”, are seen as less, are loathed and even feared by those within groups who point their fearful, judgmental fingers out saying, "Go away. Why are you so weird? Why aren't you like us? Try to act normal for a change. Are you crazy or what?" I believe without those "others", the creative imaginative types, the world would be a very dull place indeed. I spend my time living as a fairly well known professional artist, art teacher to adults, writer of published articles for artists, inventor and wrote the patents for my own inventions for artists. I took part in the rewrite of the prose poetry for a short film called, GESTURES: The LOST FILM written and produced by Larry Ravene in which I was the sole narrator. I express my feelings and thoughts about life with paint in my paintings. I try to do the same thing in words as I write novels and plays. In all my serious creative work, my goal is to stir the soul but I do love writing quirky dark comedies as well.

The day job. I belong to professional art organizations, won several national and international painting prizes. My paintings are in a couple of museums and one is on a five museum tour now. My paintings are in private collections world-wide but my passion is writing.

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Abbr.Titlelength# actscastinggenreProduction stage
[M S P]MIKE, SAUL AND THE PIGEONS 0:14 1 act Minimum cast: 2: 2m, 0f farce Available for production

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