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Author profile: Jose F. Helu Jr.

(image: headshot supplied by  Jose F. Helu Jr.)


For the most part, the plays below are skits based on "six line prompts" which I am using to test the idea of remotely creating track-by-track recordings of plays. Some of these skits are being offered by Archipelago (a virtual theater I created in for this purpose); sign up there to audition and participate.

Plays by this author

Abbr.Titlelength# actscastinggenreProduction stage
[AIBH]Am I Being Hazed 0:08 1 act Minimum cast: 4: 2m, 0f, 2 any gender satire Just completed
[IRPP]I Remember Palm Pilots 0:06 1 act Minimum cast: 4: 3m, 1f drama Just completed
[TYLT]That's your line, though 0:06 1 act Minimum cast: 3: 1m, 1f, 1 either sex comedy Just completed
[YAC]You're a Commodity 0:07 1 act Minimum cast: 4: 0m, 0f, 4 either sex satire Available for production

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